Ascend Marketing Expands Expertise in Data, Technology and Analytics

By Ascend Marketing


At Ascend Marketing, we are continually driven to discover relevant and insightful solutions in customer journey marketing. In 2018, we welcomed expert problem solvers to the team to reach higher goals and deliver better results. From trend spotting to architecting technology solutions, our new team members are eager to solve a wide range of challenges involving data, technology and analytics.

Sri Ganesh Anaparthi brings a fresh perspective on big data at the helm of the DataTech team. Bharath Vemula and Hyndhav Reddy Gurala joined him with a common passion for technological problem solving. Together, the DataTech team members share expertise in data analytics and architecting technology solutions, and they strive to deliver leading-edge strategic results.

Mike Wreyford joined the IT and Systems team, where he enjoys doing anything computer-related. With a solid background in IT end user support, he is always ready to assist and solve computing challenges.

The Data and Analytics team welcomed Amber Williams and Sandeep Harpanahalli, who are both skilled at trend spotting and drawing insights that lead to better business decisions. Amber’s eight years of service as a marketing specialist in the U.S. Marine Corps has helped her build a dynamic set of skills, including journalistic storytelling and analytical thinking. Similarly, Sandeep uses a strategic approach to improve efficiency and resolve sophisticated data science challenges.

Heading into the new year, we look forward to growing our expertise in DataTech and analytics to build leading-edge journey marketing and customer engagement strategies.

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