Customer Journey Mapping: What You Must Know

By Daniel Newman


What is your ideal customer trying to achieve? What is their present situation, and what are their ambitions for the future? What actions must a customer take to reach your company’s desired outcome? Author Daniel Newman highlights important questions that will help you meet your customers’ increasing demands and expectations.

As Forbes explains, “As technology advances, customers become more demanding. I would even argue that today’s customers are far more demanding than they were just two or three years ago. The more connected we become, the more impatient consumers get for products that are better and faster than the original.”

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An essential tool in customer journey mapping is the creation of a customer persona. And while it’s common to include some demographic data in a persona, it’s important to understand that the person itself is not simply a demographic representation.

Today, marketers must do more than develop a creative customer experience that incites a desirable emotional response from their audience through one touch point.

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