How to Reduce Churn Using Customer Journey Analytics​

By Swati Sahal


Customer journey analytics tools calculate churn rate in real-time for each stage of your customer journey to help you visualize points with high volume of churn. Boost your customer retention and brand loyalty strategies with these insights on churn reduction.

As Pointillist explains, “Companies typically spend most of their effort and resources on customer acquisition, even though the cost of retaining an existing customer is 5 times lower than acquiring a new one. Customer retention is a measure of how many of your customers continue to buy from you over time and are therefore loyal to your brand.”

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Data Aggregation, Modeling, Test & Measure, and Automation — author Andrea Steffes-Tuttle reveals the key success factors to performing customer journey analytics used by customer experience experts.

“CIOs have always been urged to think like businesspeople. But now it’s time for businesspeople to learn some nerdy magic from CIOs.”

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