Josh White

Josh White

Josh White is Ascend’s go to team member for his in-depth knowledge and expertise in data analysis and report creation.

A ten-year veteran of Verizon he is passionate about being easy to reach, highly responsive and always making time for follow up. Josh’s mantra, “Quality is incredibly important, but quick response time is invaluable.”

Agile, approachable and focused, Josh is a highly valuable Ascend team member and a major asset to all his clients.

Josh thrives when working in a collaborative team environment. He loves a good challenge and feels the variety of work and projects at Ascend creates exciting opportunities.

Josh has a rich and varied educational background. He majored in Jazz Performance and has experience as an ambulance driver!

When asked what one thing people would be surprised to know about him, Josh is proud to recount he lived and worked in the woods of New England for three years as a wilderness medic.

Josh and his wife Maria have two cats. His biggest focus outside work and family is motorcycling and watching and attending Moto races.

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