Martechify Session Preview: Martech at the Intersection of Marketing and Sales

By Ascend Marketing

May 5, 2021 | NEWS

In the new age of digital marketing where organizations can capture and utilize data regarding their customers, the Sales and Marketing functions have become crucial for businesses growth. Each of these functions is critical in its own respects, but the key is working together to capture as many leads as possible, nurture those leads, and convert them into customers. Hubspot reported that 87% of marketing leaders say collaboration between Sales and Marketing enables critical business growth. Collaboration is a fundamental way that Marketing and Sales may align and work together to make the customer journey successful.

The next Martechify virtual forum, “The Role of Martech at the Intersection of Marketing & Sales,” will discuss maximizing your martech stack to support the integration of Marketing and Sales.

As more and more data about consumers and their habits and preferences are collected from organizations, it is more critical than ever to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing. Ensuring that both functions are on the same page allows each team to align their projects to help the other succeed. The goal of both the Marketing and Sales teams are to simplify each step of the customer journey, and the biggest competitive advantage is to evaluate your processes and point out any weak points in your Marketing and Sales systems you would like to address.

Analysis of captured data allows organizations to learn more about their consumers and ways they can better persuade them at each stage of the funnel. Top-performing sales people believe they receive better leads from marketing. Almost all of the top performers call the marketing leads they receive either “excellent” or “good”. Aligning the Marketing and Sales function allows you to make continuous improvements and increase the success rate of your marketing and sales efforts.

The next Martechify session will cover the following topics and more:

Why should companies care?

One of the best ways to align your marketing and sales efforts is to utilize marketing automation to achieve a greater ROI. The marketing automation process centers around targeting customers with automated messages across multiple channels such as email, web, social, and text. You can use marketing automation tools to map out a potential buyer’s journey and help you keep track of where they are in the buying process and how you can get the right information to them at the right time. The Sales and Marketing functions rely heavily on marketing automation to automate their marketing campaigns and sales activities. Utilizing marketing automation also frees time up for your sales team and provides them the opportunity to focus on personalized customer interactions, end-point sales, and follow-ups.

What are some ways marketing automation supports the handoff between Marketing and Sales? 

Keeps your CRM data up to date.

Marketing automation tools allow you to gain more information about your leads. Also, it allows you to continuously check that the data you have about your customer is accurate.

Equips the sales team with insights on customer activity.

Marketing automation allows you to track everything about your customers and their interactions with your brand. This data provides your sales team with a comprehensive view of the user and all of the challenges they may be facing.

Reduces lead conversion time.

Marketing automation can send emails to leads on behalf of your sales team. This allows the overall sales process to become more efficient and effective, and the time needed to convert a lead into a customer is reduced.

Classifies lead scoring categories.

Setting up lead scoring functionality will allow you to categorize which leads are the most important for your sales team to focus on.

Automates the workflow.

Automating certain aspects of your workflow like calls-to-action and forms provides greater efficiency. Automation also eliminates human error and allows your team to focus their efforts on relationship building.

Supports customer retention and follow-up efforts.

The collection of customer data utilizing marketing automation allows you to understand the valuable data you have collected on existing customers. As a result, you can gear your efforts to a more personalized approach.


In 2020, Hubspot reported that personalized calls to actions convert 202% better than default versions. Therefore, to provide a more personalized experience to your customers, it is crucial to maximize your marketing automation tools for your sales team to connect with their leads on a personal basis.

Join us on June 3rd from 8:30–10 a.m. CT to hear from industry leaders on how they’re utilizing martech to increase organizational efficiencies between Marketing and Sales.

Session Recap: The Role of Martech in Post-COVID Recovery

Our latest Martechify session explored how organizations have shifted their marketing strategies to better leverage martech tools throughout the COVID-19 crisis, as well as how industries are strategizing for post-COVID recovery. Martech leaders – Holly Moreland, Director of Customer Engagement Platforms and Martech at Hilton, and Brandy Butler, National Director of Marketing at Jason’s Deli – shared how their organizations pivoted to meet customers’ demands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We created Martechify to be a growing and ongoing forum series with content that evolves and builds to bring additional value upon repeat attendance. Now that you’re all caught up, we’d love for you to join the conversation.

Join us at the next virtual forum on Thursday, June 3rd from 8:30 to 10 a.m. CT:

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