Martechify Session Preview: How to Build an A-Grade Martech Team

By Ascend Marketing

APRIL 20, 2022 | NEWS

Ascend Marketing’s Take on Martech Hiring and Recruiting

Hiring a marketing technologist or martech specialist in 2022 comes with both new challenges and fresh possibilities. On one hand, the difficulty and cost of hiring talent across industries is increasing—for employers, the cost per job application increased by 43% in 2021, compared with 2020, and is expected to continue rising. Nevertheless, as martech capabilities and technologist skillsets keep growing, talented marketers are increasingly able to do more with less, using next-generation automated tools and platforms to optimize campaigns more quickly and thoroughly than ever before.

Because properly leveraging martech tools requires a wide yet particular skillset, identifying applicants with the right profile of talents is essential. This requires first understanding what your organization requires in terms of martech roles and responsibilities, in order to create job descriptions that attract candidates with the right specializations. Only then can recruiters appropriately assess and rank job candidates, increasingly with artificial intelligence (AI) tools facilitating each step of the process. 

In our next virtual forum, How to Build an A-Grade Martech Team, our Martechify experts will offer their best insights on how to recruit top Martech talent in 2022. They will discuss how to identify which skills are most relevant in potential hires, and how best to support their integration into your organization. You can look forward to an engaging talk on the following topics and more:

Understanding Martech Roles

Practicing good tech-enabled marketing in 2022 requires a broad profile containing hard skills in data and IT solutions, as well as soft skills in communication and presentation. A good marketing technologist is not only familiar with a broad range of martech tools, but can apply them creatively and analytically to resolve issues in various stages of the marketing process, using audience targeting, a/b testing, and goal-setting instinctively and whenever appropriate. Martech experts, particularly in smaller companies, often find themselves managing multiple facets of a company’s digital marketing strategy, from analyzing SEO and social media ads to selecting and installing new platforms. To build a martech team that makes the best use of the wide range of martech tools available today, it is essential to identify which specific skills and roles are needed. This will, in turn, allow you to create better job descriptions and craft the most relevant interview questions.

Here is an incomplete list of emerging martech-related roles identified by Martech Alliance:

Due to the complexity and interlocking nature of martech roles, it is important to clearly define the responsibilities of each role. Using a framework such as an RACI chart can help identify the roles and capabilities of current team members and write more useful job descriptions for recruiting. Knowing each marketing technologist archetype and the responsibilities thereof will help recruiters further refine postings to reel in the candidates with the most relevant orientation and skills.

Advanced Technology for Recruiting

Of course, a well-refined job posting is only part of the equation. To streamline and automate other aspects of your hiring process, look to AI technology. Many businesses are already saving time in their recruitment process by leveraging AI-enhanced tools to quickly filter through applications to find the most appropriate talent. Although such tools must be used responsibly and with appropriate human intervention to control for potential bias, they are highly effective at ranking candidates based on how well their résumé skills align with company requirements. In addition to matching candidates with employers, AI boosts hiring efficacy in many other ways:

Join us on May 19th from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. CT to hear more from industry leaders on best practices for hiring and supporting martech talent, as well as building well-coordinated martech teams.

Session Recap: CDPs in Action: Essentials for Implementing a Customer Data Platform

In our last Martechify discussion, two of our experts expanded upon our November session by exploring ways to effectively implement Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology. Martech leaders Brian Prascak of Naratav and Rich Herbst of Ascend Marketing explained CDP implementation at each stage of the process, culminating in deep brand-customer relationships with continuous dialogue. They outlined how developing quality use cases can better inform your decisions, and explained more ways that a 360-degree customer view can benefit your marketing campaigns.

We created Martechify as a community for professionals to share knowledge and best practices on data-driven marketing. Now that you’re all caught up, we’d love for you to join the conversation.

Join us at the next virtual forum on Thursday, May 10th from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. CT:

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