Martechify Session Preview: CDPs Demystified: The Source of Truth for Customer-Driven Marketing

By Ascend Marketing

OCTOBER 20, 2021 | NEWS

Ascend Marketing’s Take on Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)

The global shift to digital—far from a temporary COVID-related trend—continues to accelerate and expand in 2021. This has cascading consequences for the marketing landscape, but it creates parallel opportunities for translating online customer interaction data into deeper connections and broader growth. The challenge: correctly fingerprinting and consolidating data for the same customers across all channels and platforms.

Conveniently, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) provide a solution: the ability to create and manage one unified, persistent, and centralized customer database containing all relevant customer information—personas, behavioral data, communications with the company, and more. By unifying data across all channels, CDP technology helps anchor a personalized, accessible, and secure marketing strategy—but only if professionals use and understand several key CDP capabilities. Our next Martechify virtual forum, CDPs Demystified: The Source of Truth for Customer-Driven Marketing, will show you why; plus, experts will outline scenarios in which CDPs helped them turn messy data into clear results.

Unlike a CRM database, for example, a CDP aggregates interaction data across all channels, merging information to create a more complete picture of each customer. This means that, rather than depending on soon-to-be-deprecated third-party cookies for tracking and targeting, CDPs can programmatically match demographic and behavioral data for the same customer across locations in order to create comprehensive, segmentable customer profiles. This may involve working with both anonymous and identifiable data, which some CDPs can connect probabilistically, if needed. Aside from data aggregation, many maximally impactful CDP tools contain a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools. Depending on the platform, these tools can dynamically predict future behaviors and extract actionable insights, then implement them automatically—saving time and boosting business. The next Martechify virtual forum will highlight the following topics and more:

Data Organization for Any Organization

Although incorporating a CDP may involve some rethinking regarding your data organization, CDPs are diverse and flexible enough in function to fit into most any company or information structure. CDPs can be classified into four broad categories, depending on how much and what type of built-in function is required:

Your CDP scope may depend on your existing or preferred martech stack, but all offer the potential for a seamless customer experience through centralized data. Moreover, a CDP-centered marketing strategy can give marketing professionals these capabilities:

Emerging Trends in CDP Technology

Although the CDP landscape is very new, the increasing accessibility and propagation of these tools has led to some clear trends:

Session Recap: Adtech: Emerging Trends and Methods

Our last Martechify session outlined some adtech best practices and how to optimally incorporate your adtech stack into your campaign strategy. Experts Adam Cox of YETI and Nicolette Harper of Marriott International discussed how adtech strengthened company growth and responsiveness during difficult times—and how to get the leadership and team on board with new technology.

We created Martechify as a community for professionals to share knowledge and best practices on data-driven marketing. Now that you’re all caught up, we’d love for you to join the conversation.

Join us at the next virtual forum on Thursday, November 18th from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. CT:

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