Martechify Session Preview: Adtech: Emerging Trends and Methods

By Ascend Marketing

September 10, 2021 | NEWS

Ascend's Take on Adtech

Ascend Marketing is the founding sponsor of Martechify, a forum series designed to elevate knowledge, capabilities, and execution depth for business leaders in transition to more advanced marketing enabled by technology and data. The next Martechify virtual forum, “Adtech: Emerging Trends and Methods,” will delve deeper into adtech trends and best practices for utilizing your adtech stack for campaign optimization. To prepare for the upcoming session, we have broken down what adtech, advertising technology, and martech, marketing technology, are as well their similarities, differences, and emerging trends and challenges.

The shift to a more digital-focused world came faster than anyone expected to, but organizations were required to make the necessary adaptations to adjust to consumer’s new lifestyles. However, the digital trend is here to stay and will continue to grow as technology continues to rapidly develop and improve. The best way for organizations to stay ahead of ever-changing consumer expectations is to utilize the data and tools available to them. This means that both marketing and advertising professionals must understand the platforms and systems available at their disposal as well as their full depth of capabilities. Marketers do not need to know every adtech platform available for use, but they need to be well versed in the technology, functionalities, and benefits the systems can provide. They must also understand how the organization’s adtech stack is being utilized for cross-collaboration to ensure their organization is working effectively across departments to align on key performance metrics. To get a better understanding of adtech platforms and how they are being utilized for campaign optimization, the next Martechify virtual forum, “Adtech: Emerging Trends and Methods,” will delve deeper into adtech trends and best practices.

The session will cover the following topics and more:

What is Adtech?

Adtech is the software and technology platforms that allow advertisers to execute digital advertisements. By utilizing adtech for campaigns, organizations can target specific audience segments, obtain market information, and gain valuable insights on campaign’s ROI. Focusing on a specific audience allows organizations to reduce their spending on advertising by reaching the right customer the first time. The foundation of Adtech is the campaign which includes digital advertisements as well as the data surrounding them. This data can include things like unique users, impression, views, etc. Adtech platforms were designed to give advertisers the platform and capabilities necessary to create, execute, track, and manage digital advertising campaigns.

There are a few platforms that are specific to the adtech industry. First, there is the demand side platform, whose purpose is to allow media buyers to run ad campaigns and purchase inventory on ad exchanges through a single interface. Next, the supply side platform is where publishers can sell their inventory in an automated, efficient, and secure way. The ad exchange provides a platform for the buying and selling of impressions between advertisers and sellers. Ad network is where unsold inventory from the publishers is posted and sold to advertisers. Ad server decides which ads will be displayed on a website. The ad server is also responsible for collecting data regarding the performance of the ad. Finally, there are search engine marketing (SEM) platforms which use paid advertising to promote websites to increase their rankings in search engines.

Emerging Trends and Challenges of Adtech



What is Martech?

Marketers utilize martech, or marketing technology platforms to execute their strategies and campaigns. The primary function of these platforms is to assist marketers in the management of their marketing processes. These processes can include anything from digital content creation, management of workflows, and customer data and analysis. Martech platforms target current customers and leads using their past behavior to send more customized communication. Unlike adtech, martech is more geared towards the sales funnel creation and lead nurturing state of the consumer’s buying journey. Martech platforms rely heavily on tools such as A/B testing, user feedback surveys and social media marketing.

Martech-specific platforms include data analytics. Data analytics has become a critical component of the marketing industry and these platforms allow for more advanced reporting that provides marketers with great insights regarding their customers. Next is Search Engine Optimization, SEO, which is martech specific. Search engine management, as discussed earlier, is what belongs in the adtech classification. Customer relationship management platforms, or CRMs, allow marketers to manage all of the data regarding their customers from a single interface. Finally, there are marketing automation platforms which are the tools to streamline marketing processes.

Emerging Trends and Challenges of Martech



Join us on October 7th from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. CT to hear from industry leaders on how they’re optimizing their adtech stack to align with the latest trends and methods for campaign optimization.

Session Recap: Advanced Audience Segmentation: Leveraging Powerful Data

Our most recent Martechify session featured a conversation with martech leaders on how to leverage consumer data to deliver more strategic and personalized marketing campaigns. Martech experts — Martha van Berkel of Schema App, Chad Milligan of Frontier Communications, and Theresa Kushner of NTT DATA Services — shared how their organizations are currently utilizing data to extract actionable insights tied to consumer behavior.

We created Martechify to be a growing and ongoing forum series with content that evolves and builds to bring additional value upon repeat attendance. To kick off the new year, we’ll continue the content marketing dialogue and will dive deeper into content and personalization strategies to expect this year. Now that you’re all caught up, we’d love for you to join the conversation.

Join us at the next virtual forum on Thursday, October 7th from 8:30 to 10 a.m. CT:

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