Aaron Moeller

Aaron Moeller


Aaron Moeller is a developer and tech guru at Ascend. He’s known to be humble, charming, and an all around excellent person to work with. People often say, “I like that Aaron guy. Put him to work on my stuff.”

Aaron obtained his BFA in Web Design & Interactive Media from The Art Institute of Austin, winning Best in Show at his final portfolio show. He brings a diverse set of skills from his education, ranging from design to coding and more. He’s taken the lead on Ascend’s Office 365 Administration and is a vital part of the Ascend team. 

Outside of work, Aaron enjoys camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing, kung-fu movies, making jewelry, playing deck building games, and wood working. He recently married his long time girlfriend, Xandra. Someday they want to own a small farm and sell goat dairy products like soaps, cheeses, and milk.

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