Customer Journey Database Developer

Grapevine, TX

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Create and manage data sources;
  • Integrate with APIs;
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of the data warehouse ecosystem, specifically tailored for journey-based marketing;
  • Work closely with stakeholders on the data demand side (analysts);
  • Work closely with stakeholders on the execution side (domain experts on source systems of the data);
  • Use knowledge of journey marketing practices and systems to help develop algorithms that drive strategy;
  • Build logic to support scalable journeys in automated platforms using Node Red; and
  • Mentor junior developers in developer best practices (creating highly reusable code modules, unit testing, deployments, etc).

Minimum Education/Experience Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in Computer and Systems Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or an Engineering discipline
  • 4 years of experience in EACH of the following:
    • Database development;
    • Experience in the position of Software Developer;
    • Working with relational and columnar data stores for generating Tableau data sources;
    • Developing journeys in Node Red;
    • Python, PowerShell, or C#;
    • DB Administration or SQL Server databases;
    • Using RedShift or PostgreSQL;
    • SQL;
    • Using CS fundamentals and problem-solving skills;
    • Using software engineering skills;
    • Communicating effectively with stakeholders to define requirements;
    • Using data driven approaches;
    • Managing large data sets;
    • Identifying and resolving performance issues;
    • Extracting, transforming, and loading data; and
    • Translating marketing business requests into database design.
  • 2 years of experience in EACH of the following:
    • Creating APIs in Hubspot, SDFC, or Marketo; and
    • Developing algorithms for journey marketing behavior modeling.
  • Work from home available. Must reside within 3 hour commuting distance from employer’s office in Grapevine, TX.
  • Experience may be gained concurrently.

How to Apply:

To apply, all interested applicants must send current resume to

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