Journey Architecture

Customer Journey Orchestration: The Evolution of Marketing Automation

By Elizabeth Crouch


“The answer to automating your marketing while maintaining context—and a human touch—is customer journey orchestration.” Author Elizabeth Crouch clearly outlines the significant advantages that AI-driven, omnichannel customer journey orchestration has over marketing automation. Discover how the power of customer journey orchestration can lead to smarter marketing decisions and stronger customer relationships.

As Harte Hanks explains, “If you can deliver more contextual, relevant interactions throughout the buyer’s journey, your customer will be more likely to engage with, purchase, and renew your product or service.”


These are exciting times for journey marketing. Not just an intriguing, ambiguous idea to most marketers anymore, journey marketing today is real-world strategy being deployed by many organizations across a diverse industry landscape.

An essential tool in customer journey mapping is the creation of a customer persona. And while it’s common to include some demographic data in a persona, it’s important to understand that the person itself is not simply a demographic representation.

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