Journey Architecture

How to Map the Emotional Journey of Your Customer Experience

By Martin Powton


Chief Research and Product Officer at Forrester, Cliff Cordon, said: “If brands want to break away from the pack and become CX leaders, they must focus on emotion.”

Measuring the customer’s emotional journey is challenging but not impossible. There are a number of ways you can tackle this, the most popular place to start is by using Robert Plutchik’s ‘Wheel of Emotion’, but “no matter how you approach this, it is essential you start to track customer emotions” as they can provide a much deeper insight than a rating ever will.

In this article, Martin Powton discusses how to measure emotion in customer experience and how to map the emotional journey.


These are exciting times for journey marketing. Not just an intriguing, ambiguous idea to most marketers anymore, journey marketing today is real-world strategy being deployed by many organizations across a diverse industry landscape.

An essential tool in customer journey mapping is the creation of a customer persona. And while it’s common to include some demographic data in a persona, it’s important to understand that the person itself is not simply a demographic representation.

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