Leveraging Social Media to Capture Customer Data and Fuel Journey Orchestration

By Mark Smith


“[Social media platforms] occupy a central place in the digital landscape and play an outsized role in the lives of the customers you serve. The goal…is to take advantage of the unique ability of these platforms to drive meaningful engagement with branded content, while at the same time using that engagement to invite more direct interaction with your brand.”

In this article, Mark Smith shows you how you can leverage social media as a gateway to your business.

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Data Aggregation, Modeling, Test & Measure, and Automation — author Andrea Steffes-Tuttle reveals the key success factors to performing customer journey analytics used by customer experience experts.

Customer journey analytics tools calculate churn rate in real-time for each stage of your customer journey to help you visualize points with high volume of churn. Boost your customer retention and brand loyalty strategies with these insights on churn reduction.

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