Seven Steps for Bringing Design Thinking to Your Sales Processes

By Aric Wood


[M]ost enterprise sales processes are still structured as processes; a series of transactional steps organized around your sales flow as you move a customer through your funnel or pipeline from “lead” to “prospect” to “opportunity” and so on.

However, the “customer’s journey through the process of finding a solution to their problem doesn’t necessarily follow your company’s process.” Often times the customer seeks a “solution and an advisor who understands those needs and can help solve their problem collaboratively.”

In this article, Aric Wood explains how you can outperform your peers in seven steps by incorporating design thinking into your sales processes.

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According to Mary Meeker’s annual internet report, internet usage continues to grow but social media usage has plateaued.

“Big Data plays a major role in enhancing the customer experience that a company offers.”

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