The Evolution of the Customer Journey: Optimizing Moments That Matter

By Jim Yu


“The key to capitalizing on micro-moments lies in the ability to serve up key information at just the right time to move the sale forward.” In the customer journey, there are defining moments or interaction points between a business and its customer, and author Jim Yu of Marketing Land, argues that it is crucial for marketers to capitalize their use of marketing resources on catering to these moments. Learn more on how the art of timing can be crafted in effective and impactful omnichannel marketing.

As Marketing Land explains, “Tracking the customer’s journey through a sales funnel, website user path, or any other journey is one of the top priorities for marketers today. Until recently, we were able to map out the path that the typical customer would take when making a buying decision or searching for information to inform that decision.”


We are now more connected than ever which has provided organizations great opportunities to connect their brands with more customers. We’ve curated top trends and insights about the role of social media during COVID-19.

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