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The vision of reaching powerful customer engagement is held by most, but realizing that vision is often met with serious challenges. That’s why we created Ascend. We not only have the capabilities to significantly raise your marketing game; we have the solutions to get you there. 

At Ascend, we’ve always been guided by our core values:


for people


at our core


in all that we do


in work and life

Our Awards

Our History

Yesterday and today, Ascend was and is a company that stands by the values we embraced from the day we opened our doors: heart for people, integrity at our core, excellence in all that we do, and spirit in work and life.

Founded in 2004, Ascend began as a six-person team of marketing professionals with deep experience in client-side marketing. With first-hand knowledge of the real challenges facing marketing leadership and the gaps in service that were – and still are – unmet by traditional agencies and consultancies, such as marketing and sales integration, channel development and performance analysis, Ascend was born.

Our team grew quickly, and in 2006 we relocated to Grapevine, Texas in metro Dallas. Our client list grew to include corporations such as Verizon, Alcatel-Lucent, Frito-Lay and Marriott, and our work expanded, especially in the areas of customer retention and prospect engagement. Today, Ascend is an award-winning, full-service marketing firm, consistently ranked among the fastest-growing companies in the Dallas Business Journal 100 and Inc. 5000 listings.

As digital marketing exploded and became more complex, Ascend moved further into full integration of web marketing, social media and database-enabled customer engagement. Now, as journey marketing continues to evolve into a powerful advantage for marketers, our expertise in all aspects of the journey approach has become a powerful advantage for our clients. Leveraging our unique skillsets in data, automation and advanced technology, we’re able to work seamlessly with clients’ disparate databases, accessing millions of customer files across all communication channels instantly, throughout the customer lifecycle and in real time. The result? Understanding of customer needs from their perspective for effective decision-making, profound customer engagement and accelerated growth for our clients’ businesses.

With offices now in Grapevine and Austin, the Ascend team serves a range of clients nationwide, and is uniquely positioned to provide complete, end-to-end marketing services for companies pursuing the vision of total customer engagement.

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